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Presentation defaults where are they set


Presentation defaults where are they set

Is it possible to change the presentation default values like the font or background colors etc. so that we can have a company standard default?


Hi Joe,

I don't think there is a place to gloablly change the defaults across all presentation templates.

What you can do as a workaround is to set up the defaults on one of your templates, then export all your templates and use copy-paste to carefully add it to all the templates, then import them back in.

You will want to probably keep a backup of the originals of all the templates so that you can recover in case anything goes wrong.

To get the list & path of the template files in the database, use

im diag --diag=listdbfiles

Then you can use the below to export out a template (changing parameters to your needs):

im getdbfile --encoding=en_US --output=cr2.xml "data/im/issue/templates/Change Request 2.xml"

Using an xml editor, you can copy the <styles> to </styles> section from the fixed template and use it to replace all the <styles>to </styles> section in the other templates.

This should work, provided all the templates are using the same name for the same style.

After completing your modifications, use the below to import the template (changing parameters to your needs):

im putdbfile --encoding=en_US --input=cr2.xml "data/im/issue/templates/Change Request 2.xml"

These files are cached, so after you import all the modified templates, you will want to restart the Integrity server as well as your Integrity to make sure it is using the fresh templates.

After this is done and everything is looking good, if you need to make any future templates you will probably want to copy an existing template as a starting point so that the default styles are fixed.

Hope that helps,


I tried this and got no errors, but after I restarted the Integrity Server and the Inegrity client the presentations where not there. It was like nothing had changed.

What does the output of im diag --diag=listdbfiles look like?

Did the imported files go in with the same names\paths as the ones they replaced?

You can also check in the admin gui, edit a type and go to the presentation section and see if the files are in teh list of presentation templates.

I tried doing it again and this time it worked. Not sure what I did incorrectly before.

I had to remove the --encoding=en_US because I received an error.