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Remove Locks without Sandbox via CLI


Remove Locks without Sandbox via CLI

I know that you can remove locks with si unlock --sandbox.

However I wonder if it is possible to remove a lock without having a local sandbox to refer to.

I already tried some variations with si unlock (e.g. --project) but I was not able to get the syntax quite right.

Maybe someone can point me into the right direction here?!


Hi Stefan,

You may want to open a Support case for this, if you don't get a quick answer.

This works for me, to remove a member lock I have, on project (didn't do this through sandbox):

C:\Users\mchatel>si unlock --action=remove --project=c:/ALM/SAMPLE_DATA/watch//project.pj AISubsystem.txt

Unlock revision

Unlock revision of member...

AISubsystem.txt: removed lock on revision 1.3 held by mchatel

For me Michaels suggestion is also working (I have Integrity 10.4)

Maybe you should give an example of a cmd line that fails for you.

Some guesses:

Just to be sure that you dont mistype for project location amd member  name.

You could also generate copy and paste templates

  .....>si locks > mylocks.txt

You should then be able to find your lock in mylocks.txt.

The first 2 fields in a line of mylocks.txt (separated by tabs)  would be project location followed by membername.

Another issue that comes to my mind is forgetting the quotes if there are whitespaces in the project location or member name.

.....>si unlock --action=remove --project="c:/server/project location/project.pj" "example member.txt"


You can also mange your locks by gui.

.....>si locks --gui


Menu->Member->Locks->View My  Locks

(be cautious removed locks will disappear from the list so the only undo information you will have will be your brain )

HTH Juergen

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