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Upgrade from old version to latest 12.2.1


Upgrade from old version to latest 12.2.1

Hi Everyone,




How many of you going from ILM previous version to latest one 12.2.1 version. As i have seen everyone who is trying ,facing different sets of issues or minor problems. 


How it looks to you all if we all whosever is going on 12.2.1 shares there issues / bugs / minor problems / improvements here (In Comments) it will surely help other stakeholders though.


Looking forward to your thoughts on this ?


Happy Upgrade and Testing of 12.2.1 😀


Vielen Dank / Many Thanks

Kapil Jain


Hi Kapil,

hope you have upgraded the WRVS 12.x , please post your TGR and TGW, it will be really helpful those who are planning for upgrade.

Thanks in advance.

Just as a reminder, before attempting any Windchill RV&S (Integrity) upgrade, it's best to double-check the supported upgrade path:

(ex. from older version, to newer version, ex. 12.2),-d-,2/ILM_Support...


And also, to make sure you've covered the Upgrading guide:,-d-,2/InstallUpgr...


Because the Upgrading guide, does point out things to look out for, such as product changes (drop in support for X, added support for Y), required version changes for supporting applications (such as Flex License manager, database (Oracle/SQL Server)), any "data migrations" that may be necessary, depending on which, and how much older version you're upgrading from, etc).


Many (not all) upgrading issues reported to PTC support, with regards to Upgrading versions, are often because these things were missed.





Thanks Mike for your quick reply. It helps lot to me.


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