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Windchill RV&S 12 text field font is too small


Windchill RV&S 12 text field font is too small


I experienced changes in the font size of the items' text after some updates done in WindChill server/Local MSWindows updates, only the text field of an item, everything else is normal. Apparently other colleagues do not face this issue, thus It has to do perhaps with my local computer settings, however, I hope you can clarify that.

As you can see in the image it seems that the text goes off the scale for some reason and honestly it is way too small to read, so I have to export the document in order to read it, which is an extra step that delays my daily work.



This is not an issue of screen resolution, none of the other applications show this problem.

Here is the version we use:




Windows 10 Enterprise. 64bits OS, x63 based processor


I am working with two screens, with resolutions:

1920x1200, scale and layout 100%

1920x1080, scale and layout 150%. The scale resolution does not solve this issue.


Please, I would like to know what is the cause of this behavior and how to mitigate it.


Thank you in advance,


Hello Mariano,

Java itself does not support any scaling.

Just wondering if all your colleagues also reporting such an issue.

On server there is a css file to configure the font size, can your administrator check this and update the size just for a try out?


the css I am talking about is in <server>/data\im\richcontent\styles\screen\default.css


But, if the text was imported, for example from a word file, and in the word file the font was set to 7px, then also this css will not make any difference. Then i would use edit-in-word and would change the fontsize to a minimum of 10 or 11px in word directly, and push back after. 


Hopefully it helps.