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define view option defaults for floating views


define view option defaults for floating views

I have to admin and support some hundred installed clients and what I really miss is a way to publish a "complete" default configuration for the client gui.


I do know how to configure a viewset and all it's option:

- menu content (which command is visible (on Toolbar ) or not )

- view behavior (floating or "inline" position)

- content of context menu's in views


But all these setting do only apply for the viewset's "inline" views.


I have no idea how to define the default settings for a floating view, especially things like:

- a default filter for the project history view

- the content of the context menu in a sandbox view

- the command available in the menu of an Item detail view



Any ideas ?



I'm afraid it is to late to raise this point as idea, since PTC is working on a web-based client.
But maybe they will be "happy" to get the idea for new WebUI ?

PS: It looks like (from time to time) in 10.9 client (our default now) settings changes in floating views will be stored in the viewset file.  Did you notice same?


Best regards,



I used "Cutomize This Menu..." in a floating sandbox view which I started via commandline
(si viewsandbox --gui).

There I added "User Action 1 (Custom)" to the popup menu


I found the following file beeing modified:


By merging lines from my regular viewset containing "ActionDef.user.1."
into this file I could at least implement a valid user tool for the floating view.


Maybe this could be an approach for finding a solution


Regards Juergen