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im viewissue question


im viewissue question

Good afternoon,

I am using the following command

im viewissue  --showAttachments --showAttachmentDetails (showAttachmentDetails and showAttachments are very important for the result set I am expecting).

I have 2 questions.

1. Is it possible that I can get selected list of fields instead of using im view issue command( because I want only 3 fields and it returns way too many).

2. Is it possible to run a "query"  with im view issue? as I need the attachement detail . or is there any command that does it? im issue may be? but I cant find ad attachment flag.

Thank you for your help


Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible for you to get exactly the information you need without extra stuff.

To answer your questions:

  1. It is not possible to specify fields with the im viewissue command.  Fields can be specified with the im issues command, but the attachment fields only give the name of the attachment, not the details.
  2. im viewissue can take a list of items, but not a query. im issues will take a query or list of items, but this is not helpful for you since the attachment details are not there.

There is a command to save attachments locally (im extractattachments); I'm not sure if this helps in your situation.

Thank you. I am having another issue. the following command

im viewissue --showAttachments --showAttachmentDetails "1235545"

is only returning the parent node and not the child node.

for example

ID 12 Some text some ID "Showing"

ID 12.1 some text  some id "Not showing"

ID 12.1.1 some text  some id "Not showing"

Any idea what I need to do?


Hello Muhammad Khan,

Neither im viewissue and im issues walk relationships.  The ideal command to use would be im viewsegment, but that command only works in the GUI and the API, not on the command line.  This article describes how to use the CLI to get XML output with the mksAPIViewer or via java, which, when combined with the im viewsegment command should get you the results you are looking for.

Please post new questions in new threads, and mark the correct answer for a given thread (via the Correct Answer button on the correct response).  This lets others know that you have received an answer, and makes it easier for others searching for information to find the information you have provided.


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

the only option is to get the information without AttachmentDetails (or with alle Informations)

simple on (without details):

im issues --query=queryname --fileds=ID,Attachments

you can get the list from all ids from:

im issues --query=queryname --fields=ID > id.txt

and use it here:

im viewissue  --showAttachments --showAttachmentDetails --selectionFile=id.txt

(you can use some "noshow..." options to hide some infos, but not all of them)