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query about creation of a new project in integrity


query about creation of a new project in integrity

I am new to integrity and trying to pick up the concepts by actually working on it.

I had a question regarding the creation of a new project in Integrity . Both the admin client and end user client provides an option of creating new projects. what is the difference in these two projects that are created by 2 different clients.

while working on integrity i noticed that a project needs to be creared in admin client first and then based on this project, a project can be created by the end user on the non-admin client.

why is it like this and what is the significance of the project created in admin client?


Hello Karan,

This is a case of understandable confusion because of an overused term within the product. There are (overall) two types of functionality within Integrity:

  1. Workflows and Document management (Requirements, Specifications, business process items, etc)
  2. Source Code Management (tracking changes developers make to files for a program, webpage, etc)

In the case of Documents and Items, the Project is a value used to grant security access. For example, if you are in a group which is allowed access to the /Requirements project, then you will see items which have that project value set on them. See the screenshots below for an example:



With regard to Source Code Management, "Projects" are objects which represent structure for a program's code files. It may be helpful to think of these as folders, as this is how projects would be represented when programming in Eclipse or Visual Studio. See the below screenshot for an example:


Hopefully this helps clear the confusion around the terms.

Thanks Joe....

further to the above topic....

is there a way to link these two projects?


Hello Karan,

The two are completely independent of each other, although in organizations which use both the "Documents and Items" (Workflows and Documents, Integrity Manager, or IM) and the "Source Code Management" (Source, Source Integrity, or SI). I suspect that some organizations which use both components have the design and verification process captured in an Integrity Manager project, and the actual source artifacts captured in a Source Integrity project of the same name, because that makes sense to most people.

There are components which tie the two systems together (such as change packages, source links), but they do so irrespective of the underlying projects on either side.

It's also worth pointing out that every Source Integrity object falls under a project, but that is not true with every Workflows and Documents object: IM objects without a project field, or with an unset project field do not belong to a project.

I hope that helps,


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

yes , that definitely helps Kael.


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