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useful custom commands


useful custom commands


i'm looking for some useful custom commands.

At the moment we have custom commands for:

Copy SI Link to clipboard

Copy IM Link to clipboard

View Sandbox in Windows Explorer

i would be pleased if i get some new ideas (or a we can create a list) of useful custom commands (maybe with code)

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Re: useful custom commands

I do not have any particular pre-formed custom commands but if you make a custom buttom to run "cmd.exe" on Windows, you will open a command prompt which shows you the environment variables the client uses. You can use these variables in custom buttons in Integrity.

IM/Workflows and Documents variables:


SI/Configuration Management Variables:



Re: useful custom commands

or running a bat file with

SET MKSSI & pause

Note the available variables depends on the current View.


Re: useful custom commands

  • Copy to clipboard is a very good one.

Almost everything in all views (project,sandbox,archive,documentview, issue, issues, projecthistory, projectlist, editissue, relationships).

Not only links but also IDs to paste in relationships fields.

  • Check-out with no lock to resync the head revisions
  • Get / Download a file/ subproject
  • Locate file in Explorer from Sandbox view
  • Resync excluding file locked by me (resync --filter=!locked:%USERNAME%)
  • Get document baseline label and copy to clipboard
  • ViewDoc As of with baseline selection from document view.



Re: useful custom commands

I have written an (ugly) command script (other languages are not available at this time). It has 3 functions (selected by one of the parameters: clipboard im explorer😞 save selected path / IM-IDs to clipboard and start explorer in dedicated sub-project.

You can use this script "as is", I won't take any responsibilities for it.

Maybe someone will extend this and share it here so that other users can take profit.


Re: useful custom commands

I would say the "uglyness" is encouraged by the ugly windows batch language as well as by the way the contextual information

is presented to the user tool/script

Just alone for an explore here user script I stumbled over a bunch of implicit use cases.

Here my ugly version (tested on Build API Version 4.12.4301):

Feedback and improvement suggestions welcomed



echo off


prompt $P$G

echo @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

REM DEBUG: print out all relevant environment variables

set MKSSI_

echo @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

@echo WORKING_DIR:%cd%

color cf

if NOT "%MKSSI_WINDOW%" == "sandbox" (

  echo ERROR: Window must be a sandbox





  echo ERROR: Multiple selection not supported




if NOT "%MKSSI_MEMBER2%X" == "X" (

  REM this can also happen if a subfolder (not subproject) is selected in the GUI

  REM then all members (recursive) within the subfolder are presented as selected

  echo ERROR: Multiple selection not supported




color 9F

REM set the default directory change targets to current directory

set CD1=.

set CD2=.

REM the main trick to land on the desired directory without parsing

REM is to pretend the project file or membername being directories

REM eg cd /D "D:\sandboxes\project1\project.pj\.." will land in directory D:\sandboxes\project1


  echo SUBPROJECT selected


) else if NOT "%MKSSI_NMEMBER%" == "0" (

  echo MEMBER selected


  set CD2=%MKSSI_MEMBER1%\..

) else (

  echo PROJECT selected

  set CD1=%MKSSI_FILE%\..


echo CD1: %CD1%

echo CD2: %CD2%

cd /D "%CD1%"

if NOT "%CD2%" == "." (

  dir "%MKSSI_MEMBER1%"

  echo err: !errorlevel!

  if !errorlevel! == 0 (

    REM the working file exists

    REM the following should also work if membername has format folderX\membername

    explorer /select, "%MKSSI_MEMBER1%"

  ) else (

    REM working file missing

    REM the following cd may fail if for membername format folderX\membername

    REM also directory folderX is missing in the sandbox

    REM then we will land/stay in the directory %MKSSI_MEMBER1_SANDBOX%

    cd /D "%CD2%"

    REM you may want to check !errorlevel! to have folderX missing an illegal use case

    explorer /e, .



) else (

  cd /D "%CD2%"

  explorer /e, .


REM pause

REM cmd



Re: useful custom commands

Hey all,

i'll give you a small update about our "little customs":

we decide to build our own "custom library" which is checked-in in our repository, so everybody with Integrity can use it.

Every of our clients has a loader.jar in his bin folder.

and so it works:

- example for a custom command:

Program: ..\jre\bin\javaw.exe

Parameters: -jar mkstools-loader.jar

- java starts the loader

- the loader check-out the actual custom-library and start the library with the class to load (used a class-loader)

Why we do that?

- We can easily put new custom commands to the "custom library"

- we don't need to push the new function to any client

- the user only have to create his custom button with the new "class"

(here it would be perfect, if we can administrate the custom buttons of a user like the user notifications. To save the custom button information on server would also be perfect for users who works on more than one pc)

What I want to tell you is the way it works with the loader and give you some ideas:

ViewProjectVariant -> the same as "Project-OpenProject-Variant", but you can do that by right-click on a project. (Why this is not a client standard function???)

Open Windows Explorer -> Opens a Windows Explorer on the File oder FOlder you have selected (Sandbox)

Copy HTTP Link to Clipboard -> get an Link of a Member, Subproject, Item, etc.

GetInfo -> Show all Infos for Member, Projects, Sandboxes, Archives, etc. in one Window an let you copy that information.

Export with Labels -> Normally its not possible to export "Labels" to excel, because its not a field. This opens an wizard where you select a query and the field (also labels) you want to export to excel.

There are so many other ideas, we can easily implement into our library.


Re: useful custom commands


Can you please tell me how to add Custom Menu Item within the Pop-Up Menu List for Project View Window?

Thank you.



Re: useful custom commands

First you have to create a user action in your viewset


Then you can refer to that action through Customize This Menu (from the Pop-Up Menu List for Project View Window)

Customize This Menu -> + -> Custom

HTH Juergen


Re: useful custom commands

Wouldnt it be easier to maintain a single Custom-Tool

like --jar PtcCustomAction-CommandBuilder.jar

and support the user to select/build possible actions from within the gui of the custom tool?

For example calling the custon tool from a member hsitory window

would provide a set of environment variables:











The CommandBuilder could then support in creating suitable actions for MKSSI_WINDOW=archive

The built in command View Revision Information for example could then be implemented like this:



Re: useful custom commands

The problem with the environment variables (which, by the way, we use in our scripts, too) is that they have changed in the last Integrity versions AND that they differ from view to view. Sometimes, they are not available, sometimes they have a different content.