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Windchill 10.2 Desktop Integration

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This video highlights many of the new features and capabilities available with Windchill's Desktop Integration (DTI) and Windows Explorer. Watch the video to see all the exciting new capabilities such as simplified connection, container filtering, Windchill actions in the Right Mouse Button (RMB) context menu, detail view configuration, sorting and filtering, drag-n-drop updates, simple and indexed search and the new document comparison.


This video does not contain audio, yet...




Pretty slick.  Are there any features in 10.1 that demo'd or is everything new for 10.2?

Joe, have you seen this other video posted for 10.0 these features are also in 10.1.

If you have specific questions on if something you see in the 10.2 demo is in 10.1 or not then we run 10.1 so I can look it up for you.

How the accept Changes and review changes options inside word document feature in MS Word will work along with windchill (Which is showed at end of this video).


The option to not use the Checkout/Checkin prompts in Microsoft office is coming 10.1 M050 and the single step checkin with DTI is available at 10.1 M040. By single step checkin, I am refering to the bypassing of the Edit Attributes step which was introduced as a mandatory step in 10.0.

The rest of the video is all 10.2.


That video is from Windchill 10.0 and is a bit old now. There are some significant changes in 10.2 really opening up the capabilites of the Windows Explorer integration provided with DTI.


Accept/Reject changes is a built-in function of Microsoft Office. Support for all version of Word and Excel and PowerPoint at 2007. This interface is invoked when you run the Compare action. There are many scenarios to consider, but whether you need to update your local docuemtn with updates on the server or vice-versa, the comparison will let you run the visual check and also incorporate the changes in either direction for the document. Once modified and saved locally, the document can be checked back in as a new iteration.

Hi Scott are there any user guides available for DTI,

Hi, Chris. You can find the documentation for DTI in the Windchill 10.2 Help Center, beginning with this introductory topic:

If you prefer a printed copy, you can concatenate and print the topics, or create a PDF (if you have a printer with a PDF driver), by clicking the Publish Topic Collection icon (leftmost icon in the toolbar directly above the hierarchical list of content in the Content pane of the Help Center).



Jane Zupfer
VP, Enterprise Products Publications
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Please check out this document from Microsoft: "Comparing and merging Microsoft Word documents" for more details on compare and merge in Word.

I know this is an unsupported scenario but refusing to implement support for Office 2013 in 10.0 and 10.1 maintenance releases leads me to ask:

Can I install 10.2 desktop integration with Office 2013 on a client and interact with Windchill 10.1?  Is there anything fundamentally different about the calls that are made between the client and the server for Windchill 10.1 and 10.2 such that 10.2 DTI absolutely won't work with server 10.1?


Unfortunately, no. When working with Windchill Desktop Integration, the client application must match the server it is connecting to. This includes the major release and maintenance version.

The primary reason is the "actions" performed in DTI are all executed from the server. Newer versions of DTI will have newer features enabled in the UI that are not available in the older maintenance releases or major releases of Windchill.

Best practice is to always work with the DTI software from the server you want to connect to.

Too bad the help for the DTI Configuration wasn't updated for the two new options in 10.1 M050.


Steve, that is a good point. I checked the online Windchill 10.2 Help Center and there are no published updates for 10.1 M040 or M050. I will check in with the Pubs team and see what happened. Also noticed PTC is not offering the Windchill 10.1_M050 Help Center online.

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