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Windchill 10.2 Drag-n-Drop Single Document Upload

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PTC is happy to announce the new HTML5 based drag-n-drop file upload utility with Windchill 10.2_M020. This new utility will replace the existing Java based drop target and give people a much simpler and more intuitive way to upload new documents and attachments. This video demonstrates how easy it is to create a single document and its associated attachments using the new drag-n-drop upload utility.


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Is there any possibility to being able to download a file for this?  The place I work at won't let me (or some other reason) watch it online.


I would prefer not to upload all the videos as documents for download purposes. You can  access the portal while off the corporate network to see the videos. Hopefully we'll have a download option in a newer version of Jive when its updated.

this functionality doesn't work with ie (tested with 10 and 11).

Also with the updated 10.2 software matrices that ptc released in june 2014, it is stated that this functionality is not supported with ie.

What is the plan for this?


Yes, this is correct. Internet Explorer is not supported for this capability yet. PTC is working to resolve this issue with IE in 10.2 M030.

Even though IE 11 supports HTML5, there are some issues in Windchill preventing it from working as expected. PTC has documented this in the Software Matrices reference document (page 22) and a Technical Support CS Article.

Hello Scott

thank you for the video. While it is great to learn that PTC is moving away from Java, I still inconsistency in the development of Windchill.

I have always been annoyed (and when I say I , I mean the people  I represent too) that we can't find a webbrowser where everything works fine.

We are even told by PTC that some functionalities work best with Firefox, or Chrome or IE but at the end we as end users and corporate only want one standard webbrowser and all web applications must be able to fully work.

It is known that the only real entreprise webbrowser which is properly supported for company usage is IE. at least Windchill should run no problem with IE at a bare minimum.

Users should not have to think about what best webbrowser to use depending on what they have to do. It is difficult enough when they have to use various applications but within the same application it is even worse.

I hope PTC will be consistent in the development of the product.

Thanks a lot

Best regards


Completely understood. I'm hoping the work going into X-26 will cure many of these problems and Microsoft's new browser development strategy now aligns with the others so hopefully, gone are the days of sticking around at a specific version of IE because people, companies or applications do not support the significant changes introduced in the newer releases.

Thanks Scott

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