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About to implement Intralink 8.0


About to implement Intralink 8.0

Hello data guru's,

We are about to implement Intralink 8.0 and data management for the very
first time. We are not migrating from an older version of Intralink, but
starting from 0 in Intralink 8.0

I am excited about all the benefits of data management but would love to
hear any advice or comments as I venture into the world of data management
for the first time.

Getting data into the system?
Administration of Intralink, does it take allot of time or does it run
trouble free?
All my users will fight the change, any recommendations?
Anything I should be aware of in the data management world?

We are having our PTC re-seller and PTC implement the system for us and I
will be trained as the Intralink Administrator. I hope this will give us a
good foundation to start with and we could grow from here.

Thanks for any input on the subject. I know it's very general, but just
wanted to hear from you guys.


Damián Castillo
CAD & Administration Manager
Engineering Department
Hensley Industries, Inc.


RE: About to implement Intralink 8.0

Data management can be complicated sometimes. Keep it simple. Learn the
fundamentals. Always try to break the complicated problems down into what
is happening, or should happen fundamentally.

Users try to show me they have complicated problems. Usually it is just a
lot of stuff wrapped around a very small problem. And usually the problem
is with a misconception of the system, not an error in the system itself.
Use test cases to shave the "stuff" off the situation, confirm or eliminate
assumptions, eventually to reveal the real problem.

Realize that you have been doing data management before you started using
Intralink, even before you started using computers. It's just all about
clean organization. Intralink just happens to be a fancier filing cabinet.
If you have a good filing scheme or a poorly organized one, it isn't really
the fault of the filing cabinet.

But that's true with pro/e part modeling too. Pro/e is just a tool. As
many users have shown me, there many ways to botch things up and make a huge

Paul Bock
CAD System Admin
Avox Systems

RE: About to implement Intralink 8.0

Best of luck in your endeavor. Resolve all your duplicate models before
trying to import your data. I found once I got the parameters configured and
the cad files imported it pretty much runs by it's self.

John Neilson
CMC of Georgia
Engineering Dept.
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