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Add Select Participants step during Change Object creation?


Add Select Participants step during Change Object creation?

Hi everyone,

We are looking to see if anyone has information on the ability to add a Select Participants step in the Change Objects (PR, CR, CN) creation wizard that would allow an author of the object to setup members in different roles, like Change Admin II, or the CIB team; rather than waiting for a task to be assigned to them with the Set-Up Participant tab.

This could be similar to Step 3 (Select Participants) in the Promotion Request creation, but we would like to have the ability to limit the team roles that are available for an author to add a user.

I did some searching on and in the Customization Guide, but did not discover anything. We are currently running PDMLink v10.2 M030-CPS21

Thanks for the help in advance.




I think it can be done, but it's not so easy.

You have to customize a few OOTB things.

First, you have to add a new step in the creation wizard.

For example, in codebase/netmarkets/jsp/changeNotice/create.jsp :

<jca:wizard helpSelectorKey="change_createChangeNotice" buttonList="DefaultWizardButtonsWithSubmitPrompt" formProcessorController="com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.change2.forms.controllers.ChangeTaskTemplatedFormProcessorController" wizardSelectedOnly="true">
     <%-->Create Change Notice<--%>
     <jca:wizardStep action="setChangeContextWizStep" type="change"/>     
     <jca:wizardStep action="defineItemAttributesWizStep" type="object"/>
     <jca:wizardStep action="securityLabelStep" type="securityLabels"/>
     <jca:wizardStep action="create_wizardImplementationPlanStep" type="changeNotice" />
        <jca:wizardStep action="attachments_step" type="attachments" />
     <jca:wizardStep action="setParticipants_step" type="custom" />
     <jca:wizardStep action="associatedChangeRequestsStep" type="changeNotice" />

Here, the setParticpants is added.

In this page, you have to create a JCA UI to set participant by role. No standard components to do that.

Next, you have to creste a new processor to handle the data created by this new step...

The easiset would ne to extend com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.change2.forms.controllers.ChangeTaskTemplatedFormProcessorController, and add the code to set the team.

Of course, I think it's not supported...


Thanks Olivier.

We are trying to stay away from any customization of the wizards, unless it is something that was supported and documented.