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Anyone has experience setting NX PCB Exchange with Windchill?


Anyone has experience setting NX PCB Exchange with Windchill?

Looking for help with workflows from NX PCB exchange (A Maya product) to Windchill 10.

The IDX xml file from Cadence when imported ino NX loads all 3D components only if they are present in the local workspace. Can NX search from our global Windchill database across projects and load parts that are listed in the xml .idx file?

22-Sapphire II

HI Rubal,

I see that you opened a case with Tech Support (C12975342) for this. From the TS investigation it looks like this is related to Can you confirm that this is the case?

Hi Lori,

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry, that is not the case. We are able to access individual parts.

Our problem is to allow NX read from either commonspace or a local directory on import of an xml file that carries ECAD data.

This is a very standard process followed across industry to deal with ECAD data. It's just we don't know how to do it.

I know searching in all folders would take a lot of time. So my goal is to have Windchill common space parts downloaded to local machines integrated with NX Reuse library. So that each time I import an xml NX loads existing parts from this folder and wont treat them as a new parts when I try to check them in to common space.

Do I make any sense?

I will be happy to share screen and demo.





Has anyone gotten back to you outside of PTC Community, or have you found a method on your own?
I am having a similar problem using IDF 3.0 files with PCB Exchange (NX7.5) and WIndchill 10.2.

The only way to get NX to open with the proper footprints is to have them in my workspace before I import the IDF file.




Same question for us here!

It´s kinda unhandy to search for all existing parts in advance to the IDF import.

We thought about a way to create all IDF mentioned parts as *new in the workspace and replace it with a existing part in the commonspace later on.

This would require a search that checks if parts already existing. If yes, please reuse commonspace data.

When I got this right the only way to check if a part is already existing in the commonspace (~out of the box) is to identify by file name of the part.

At check-in the WWGM tells me that a EPM document with the file name is already exsting.

But I´m not able to say: "Please replace file in the workspace with the one in the commonspace and check-in".

Is there a way to do so?


Hi tbauer,


I hope you have found the answer, but in case you have not I have a suggestion.


You can in change the informations you get in the workspace table.

If you add the column, Compar status, you will be able to see what parts have a name conflict and can then resolve it before trying to check in.