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Attach PDF as secondary content of Drawings


Attach PDF as secondary content of Drawings

Hi all,

My requirement is to create a PDF for all the Drawings that are checked-in.

I've already tried Post Publish Delegate but this method creates an additional WTDocument for the PDF. However, I want the PDF to be attached as secondary content of the drawing itself instead of a new WTDocument.

Is it possible to do so, please help me with a solution.

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A PDF as secondary content on an EPMDocument to me means you want a represenation. Is that correct? If that's the case, the WVS Job Scheduler Administration has OOTB jobs for publishing all EPMDocuments. However, EPMDocuments means it will also publish CADASSEMBLY and CADPART objects. If you only want CADDRAWING objects to be published, you can create a custom scheduler job. I believe there are details about it in the Customization Guide.

I also did a quick PTC knowledge base search and found the below article that looks like it might be another way to do what you want:

Windchill PDMLink : An example of customized WVS Job Scheduler Methods for CAD Documents that also implement a custom filter

23-Emerald IV

Can you clarify exactly what you mean by "secondary content"?  The publish rules can easily generate PDFs for just drawings and attach them to the drawings as "additional files", but I think these are different from "attachments" (which is what I think "secondary content" is referring to.)  See picture below.


What I don't understand is why it is not possible to automatically add the additional file types as an attachment. I find it much more clear when the additional files are listed in the attachment overview than in the more hidden representations.

What is the exact difference between a representation and an attachment?

Also an advantage is that in IE we have the problem that an .stp and . sat are opening in a HTML editior instead of that they are downloaded. When the additional files where in the attachment I was able to click on the download icon.


Hi Akshay and Robert,

It is possible to do exactly what you are asking for.  The additional files (PDF, STP, SAT, etc.) can be published automatically, and then added as an attached file.  Look at for information on how to do this using the AFterEDRLoader hook.  The article even code that you can plug in and start using.

For Akshay, you would then have to republish the representation sets in Windchill.  There are various filters you can use, such as only republishing the latest iteration.  I hope this is of use to you.




Hi Folks. I know this is old but we have a user who wants to do the same thing. Add a supporting file to the Drawing in Windchill PDMLink 11.

We do auto publish a pdf that is placed in the "attachments" section on the content tab. I think what you are saying is that EPDM types do not use Attachents in the same way as wtDocuments use attachments.


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