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CAD Data Management Diary Study


CAD Data Management Diary Study

The Windchill CAD Data Management and UX teams are working towards improving the User Experience, and getting customer import is vital to that import. We know that committing time to take part in UX tests or even customer visits is not always easy to do, so we are investigating other ways to gather information with minimum customer effort.

This diary study is one of those means. We have determined the list of most common PDM actions for CAD users managing their data in Windchill. We have validated that list at TC's and through qualitative customer interviews, but we would like to gather some quantitative data on those common actions using a diary study.

This diary study requires that you answer the same questions over a period of 2 weeks about your most common PDM actions when working with CAD data. Filling out the survey will only a few minutes after the first time.

The only requirements are:

  • You use Windchill to manage CAD data (Creo or other CAD tools)
  • Your ability to fill out the same survey (via Google forms) for most of the days over two week period.

We do ask for an email address, but that address will be used to group responses. We will only contact you with additional questions if you agree to be contacted in the study.

The link the the forms is below. Feel free to review the questions ahead of time. You can also stop participation at any time.

Please share the study if you of other CAD Data Management user who would be willing to participate in this study.

Thank you in advance for your participation,

Celia Lee

Director, Windchill Product Group

CAD Data Management


Adding a comment to ressurect the survey. We still collecting data, and especially interested in data from new users.


I see you weighing in on

Here's another discussion:

Also, I've never heard of this diary study before; is the sales force actively encouraging their customers to complete it?

What is the status of this in 2015 August, is this still ongoing?

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