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CAD Worker stealing Intralink License


CAD Worker stealing Intralink License

I got a weird one for you guys, I've searched and searched and come up empty so far.

We have a CAD worker set up for visualization on a Windchill 10.2 / ProIntralink 8.x server.

The CAD worker properly grabs the PROE_FoundationVIS license when it starts up, but every time it tries to publish a file, it also requests one of our Intralink_8_0 licenses as well. This then prevents one of our 4 users from connecting to Windchill. If the case is that all of our Intralink licenses are used up, the CAD worker publishing fails. Publishing works fine when there are spare Intralink licenses, but as soon as all of them are in use, either one person can't connect to Windchill or the publisher fails.

Here's the CAD worker grabbing FoundationVIS, and then Intralink right afterwards when it publishes a file:



If there are no Intralink licenses available, the worker throws an error (Failed to register Windchill server with --15 error code):



I'm stumped on this one, I've reached out to our reseller that installed it and so far they haven't found anything.

Anyone run into this before?


You need to reconfigure licenses, need only the PROE_FoundationVis license.

I have already configured the worker to only use the PROE_FoundationVis license.


The result is the same, it still requests the Intralink license even though it isn't in the configuration.

It has to request the license in order to download the files to the publishing machine.

I am puzzled by you saying "Windchill 10.2 / ProIntralink 8.x"? What modules of Windchill 10.2 do you have? Why are you not running Pro/Intralink 10.2?

Windchill 10.2 and 8.x cannot share the same vaults.

Sorry, that's an error on my part. We have Windchill 10.2 along with Pro/Intralink 10.2 Single-Site.

It's my understanding that CAD worker and the Windchill server point to a common file system that they can both reach, as per the worker configuration server side, and this is the mechanism that the Windchill server uses to transfer files back and forth. Why would it need an Intralink license if the server moves the files to and from a local directory on the worker?


Worker tests complete successfully:


If you notice, about a half hour before my test, the Vis server (PTCVIS) rapidly checks the Intralink license and and out multiple times.

In your Worker Test image, the first highlighted area indicates that file 1490105475520 is to be transferred for publishing. Windchill/Intralink database is the only part of the system that knows the file you requested to be published has that internal ID name. Windchill/Intralink must be invoked to translate the file requested to the internal number.

I am working with Windchill/PDMLink 10.0m040, not Windchill/Intralink, so there may be some licensing differences. My PDMLink licenses are per user and have no count mechanism to limit usage.