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CASTING & RAW model management in WTPart structure


CASTING & RAW model management in WTPart structure

There's any body have an idea how to manage Merge reference model from the CAD document in the WTPart BOM structure?

It seems that out-of-the-box there is no way to have a member link between that merge model from the CAD document and the WTPart structure.

So basically here is my situation:

Within my company we create a lot of CASTING model which we create with the Merge Inheritance function in Creo Parametric. This to be able to have the base model with over stock and draft, what we call the RAW model from which we start to create the final model with machining feature.

So basicall my issue is that I need to pobulated that RAW model within my EBOM structure so the procurement team can order RAW and the MACHINE PART

Here is the default WTPART structure generated from the CAD structure

PS: Within that example the X-1 is a PART link with a CAD-DOCUMENT that have a merge inheritance!! At first I would appreciate to be able to see that Merge reference by default in the PART structure:


So basically to incorporate the RAW we just insert the raw under the X-1


Af first this seem to work but when the Procurement extract the (Component list report) from windchill the report ignore the MACHINE PART?

So the only alternative we have so far is to insert the RAW model at the same level as the MACHINE PART. But this mean that we have to insert the raw manually each time we use the MACHINING PART...

Did any body have face that kind of issue and manage it a more efficient way?

My next step is to develop a component list REPORT with specific filter but this not seem to be easy!!




I think it is the classical case of a eBOM and mBOM definition. We've got the same case. And we also use inheritance in ProE between RAW and finished part ...

if you have MPMLink (or by using the basic "new view" function without MPMLink), You should change the view of X-1 part from "Design" to "Manufacturing", and then add the X-1_RAW (may be also created in "Manufacturing" view). And then use the OOTB BOM filter criteria to browse the eBOM or mBOM.

21-03-2013 10-36-27.jpg

But adding your raw material under the finished part , even if you use MPMLink, and whatever is your CAD methodology, will be a manual step.

Because more depending of your manufacturing or part stocking strategy .... (can have more levels of raw material depending of process plan, alternate BOM for different manufacturing option, etc ...)

(may be can be customized to be automaticly done when changing to "manufacturing" the view of X-1 part if CAD methodology rules are systemic)

For the reporting, I assume you use the Out of the box "multi level component list" . Which will only list leaf parts and sumarize quantities

But in case of a manufacturing BOM, each level will represent a physical part, stocked in your company. (part or asm, finished or raw material .. make internally or buy) And your explanation sounds like your procurement have to be able to purchase X-1 and X1_Raw ? (mean you can buy X-1 or manufacture it internally from X1-RAW : so make or buy sourcing)

If yes ... your have to build a custom report to extract only parts with the "buy" or "make or buy" sourcing attribute ...



Thanks Gregoy for the comment and orientation for MPM, I'm not so far familiar with MPM, so maybe I must dig in that way...

About the reporting you're right, we use the out of the box and the procurement need topurchase both, so our next step is to develop a custom report!!



In MPM you will find 2 main aeras:

-xBOM management . being able to manage different Views, Alternative, Usage of your mBOMs. related to the eBOM by a equivalence link. Which will help you to report / identify and propagate modification from engineering to manufacturing BOMs

-Process Plans / resources management / Work instructions. if you want to manage your Process Plans , related to your mBOMS ...


Hello ..

Please look into Windchill Configurable Link


Unfortunately, Configurable Links are only supported with WTDocs. It would sure be a nice addition to have CAD Docs with the same ability so the structure could be automatically built. Most users can be inherently lazy (me included) and don't want to go back to "build" their structure.

If anyone is aware of any customization that could work, I am all ears (or eyes). Thanks!


You could make your machined part a Gathering Part and insert the RAW part under as child and set Preferences to include (not ignore) gathering parts in BOM Reports. The question becomes how is this handled by your ERP/MRP system? This gets really important if you are propagating data systematically.

This also requires a manual manipulation of the Part Structure and setting the Association Type to something other than Owner (probably Contributing Image). It would be nice if there were a preference that could be enabled so that Merge Inheritance feature (from RAW in case described above) were treated like a child part in an assembly. This would accommodate the part is consumed by another part aspect and allow an Owner Association and be able to leverage Compare to CAD Structure when validating.

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MPMLink will create a downstream view (Manufacturing) version with an equivalent link to the (design) Version. Your use case seems to have the excess stock wich may be a different part number than the finished part. The option in MPMLink is also to create a downstream with the same (design) version. Raw materials could be managed as (manufacturing) library items as well, but in this case, the raw material seems to mean the excess material from the forging/casting process. MPMlink will enable you to create a top TEST_INHERITANCE (Manfacatuing) version and have the children in this structure be a combination of (Design) or (Manufacturing) or the entire structure (Manufacturing).