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Cad Document to Part Compare


Cad Document to Part Compare

In the Cad Document to Part Compare I have a question to what this screen is telling me.  What is an "Excluded" build status?

In actual structure of the WTPart has nothing shown in the structure view.

Thanks in advance!

22-Sapphire II


For some reason when the Part assembly structure was built the part occurrences for the child parts were set to be excluded. Therefore, they were not included in the Part Assembly structure. That is why the Structure tab doesn't include the child parts. You can set the build status of the child parts to "Build"/"To Be Built" and then build the Part assembly to have them added to the structure.

There are some WHC topics that talk about this, including the following:



The most common reasons for this in my experience

  • The part structure was initially built with no associated CAD. The build status has to be EXCLUDED as there is no owner linked CAD which can pass build information. If you later associate a CAD Document to these parts in structure, the build status will remain EXCLUDED, even if the owner link is used. In fact, any additions to usage in the parent part which are manually created, will result in the included part having a build status EXCLUDED, even if that part already has an owner linked CAD model. You have to change the “set for build” to “build” then perform a build action.
  • Finally, you can of course switch the "set for build" status of a part which is already build to "do not build". After a build operation is performed on the parent part the build status will change to EXCLUDED.

I suspect if you change the build status of the parts to “build” and perform a build operation on the parent part they will appear in structure, assuming there is owner linked to CAD assembly. Ensure the parent part on which the build operation is performed is not in a locked state. Building can result in a change to the part “uses” table (the list of assembly members). This change has to be stored in a new version of the part. If you manually trigger a build you must also manually check-in that change. If you check-in the CAD assembly, it will also iterate the associated part. A single level build operation is normally automatically performed in this case.

After performing a single level build the compare window may have a warning on the child parts “never built”. This appears even if the parts represent components, ie. they have no structure to pass and could not influence the “uses” info in the parent part. It seems that Windchill has to at least attempt a build, in order to realize that the associated model has no structure to pass.

To remove the warning, mark “set for build” as “build” for all parts, then manually perform a multi level build operation from the compare window. A manual build operation does not require the associated CAD Documents to iterate so the state of these is not important.




I have exactly the same problem but I can't solve it with your answer.
Step by step, how to change from build status "Excluded" for articles to "build" ?
Currently, I have no parts in the structure so I can't "set to build" as "build".


The only way i find to succeed is :

1- add all parts manualy in part structure

2- "set to build" as "build" for all parts I've just added

3- compare cad to part and build the structure




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