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Check Boxes not selectable in Windchill


Check Boxes not selectable in Windchill


Has anyone experienced issues with selecting the check boxes while using Windchill?


We are seeing common yet sporadic reports where the Windchill user cannot place a Check mark in a box for objects list in a WorkSpace or in the Cabinets location. The workaround so far is to Refresh the page then the functionality usually works, but may return at any time. This occurs in the Embedded browser and with a standalone Internet Explorer 11 browser.

Shown is an example.



We are using Windchill 10.2 M030 and Creo 3.0 M050


Thank you for reviewing this question.


Yes, we are having the same problem. The only resolution I know of is first time it happens, press F5 - then it dosn't happen Again in the session.

Hello Larry

This might be the comparability issue between Windows browser and the windchill

Just try the windows Browser type to Mozilla_based_browser . in and see how it goes



Same Issue happening in the below environment too. Though the issue is faced by a handful of users

# Windchill 11.1

# Creo 4.0 M040 

# IE Browser 


I can confirm that we are experiencing the same issue in Windchill 11.1 M020.  Our Creo users haven't really reported an issue but our AutoCAD/Workgroup Manager users mention it sometimes.  We haven't been able to replicate it on demand or find any correlations suggesting a cause.

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