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Check-in issues WF3/WF5


Check-in issues WF3/WF5

Hi All,

I am facing a PRO/E upload issue and appreciate some suggestions on this.
The issue is that whenever a user tries to upload data from PRO/E WF3 it
errs our saying 'Invalid Response from Server'. For the same sessions data
gets checked-in from a standalone browser(so not a vaulting issue). I see no
logging in MS logs nor in Java logs

Now the tricky part is that this is NOT an issue when using the same
Windchill server with WF5. Objects get uploaded from workspaces without any
issues when on WF5.

The 'Upload mechanism' preference is set to 'Basic browser' but does not
make any difference when set to Java.

Did anybody


Rohan Kalbhor


Have you verified that WF3 is compatible with your Windchill server release? Page 5 of this document.

BTW, basic browser versus java has nothing to do with WF/Creo interaction. I recommend also looking at the WC Business Admin and End User guides. In future postings, please include Windchill release and potentially WF/Creo client type.

Hi Rohan, can you send out your WF version and build as well as the same for Windchill?


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer
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