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Common file check in from Creo


Common file check in from Creo


I have two assembly on local disk. A.asm and B.asm is name of assemblies. These two assemblies have one child part only that is P.prt.

What we want to do is that these three physical files need to be checked into windchill from Creo.

For this purpose, I am opening a.asm and hence by doing auto check in, I got A.asm and P.prt with version as A.1 into windchill. I am removing both objects from workspace and memory of Creo. Next I am doing loading of B.asm and then I am doing check in. This gives me B.asm as A.1 where as it updates P.prt to A.2

How to load all data with version as A.1 instead of A.2 or something else.

Would be of great help if someone can help me to do this with steps to be followed.

Feel free to ask for any query if I have not make query clear.

Core area of understanding... Good that you are approaching using this example.

In general, to add data that uses existing data, on the Check-in screen, select Next rather than Finish.  All that have a yellow triangle are already in Windchill and have to be decided on what to do.

Option: Use Existing

Option: Check in as modified (new iteration)


In this case you want to select Use Existing.  Note that the icon changes.


Similar applies when importing data to workspace that includes any objects already in the system.

So if I choose "use existing" with my current approach for second assembly check in , I will have all 3 object with version A.1... is this correct?

One more thing. I was doing auto check in. To get the option of "use existing", I must do custom check in. Correct ?

From CAD, Save (to workspace).

Then from workspace, Check In. This brings the Check In wizard with multiple tabs.

Sorry I forgot to mention. I can't allow data to be imported from disk to workspace. Due to some reasons of automation , we are bound to upload data through check in be it custom or auto check in.

Ok, let's build out this case a bit.

1. Create in CAD: New Part P1, new Assy A1. Check in, Release.

2. With all still in workspace, create in CAD: New Assy A2 which uses new Part P2 and also (released) Part P1.  Check in. Only new Assy2 created.

3. New workspace and/or new user. Search for Part P1, add to workspace, open in CAD, save outside Windchill (same as export from workspace to local disk).  Give to outside designer who creates new Assy A3, using Part P1 and other new Parts.

4. Open Assy A3 in CAD and save to workspace; shows P1 as being new. Have to at that point search for P1, add to workspace.  This is pulling data from local disk in order to bring into Windchill.  Better alternative, still pulling from local disk, is to import to workspace. During import, you have tools to select to reuse P1.



Thank you for your time and response. Unfortunately I am not creating new part or assembly or any new CAD.

Additionally, I can't change state to release also.

My concern is to do check in of three cad (one independent part and two assembly having one depending part) with version A.1 only.

I can proceed without removing all data from workspace post A.asm and before starting B.asm but I neither can change state nor can create new CAD.

Please bear with me for my very basic questions. I am basically from Toolkit customisation and doing automatically check in process for two assembly mentioned.i am concerned to have version of common part P.prt as A.1 instead of what I am getting as A.2