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Corrupted cache


Corrupted cache

Pro/E crashed last night. I restarted and found I'd lost everything I'd done yesterday, despite saving every 1/2hr or so. You'd think I'd lose only what I hadn't saved, not everything since I last checked in the work. I'm on WF3 and (unfortunately) PDMLink/Windchill 8 point whatever. I seem to remember at my last job that a guy sent an e-mail around saying the same thing happened to him without warning when he reached (I seem to remember) 2 gig in cache size. I just checked, and mine's 2.14 gig. Hmmmm.... Ok, here's another weird thing. In the much superior Intralink, we had "frames" (a snapshot of all files at whatever iteration when you saved anything). Great feature! You could go back and look, or recover the state of your workspace at whatever frame you wanted. So, PDMLink won't have frames until Ver 9. So, why, in my cache, do I have almost 2 gig(!!) of "lid" (lid_110637.wfcont) and "sid" (sid_1209957.wfcont) files? These SEEM to be iterative versions of parts, assemblies, drawings, etc. as you can change the extension to ".prt, .asm, or .drw etc. and if you guess right you can actually open the file. So, are these what PTC uses behind the scenes to create frames? If so, and we don't have frames in PDMLink 8, why are they accumulating, and how do I delete them like we were able to clear the frames in Intralink? If I delete them all, will that corrupt my database or lose me more data? Better yet, if there are no frames now, how do I keep them from accumulating in the first place? Anyone else seen this? Any ideas on what the lid and sid files do? Thanks.

Your local workspace cache can get corrupted, indeed. But not your server side workspace. So, everything not uploaded yet is lost (unless you dig them out of the cache folder).

The local cache is not database managed, but is based on structured files. PTC could do a better job, but structured files are prune to corruption.

Regards frames. Windchill 9 with WF5 support frames again. I haven't had the opportunity to test it yet.

The client side cache might be recoverable by PTC Tech support. If there are really important models in it do nothing except calling tech support!

Greetings Daniel


Hi Frank

Your question:
If I delete them all, will that corrupt my database or lose me more data?
My Answer:
NEVER touch your cache manually! This will corrupt your cache/data.
Use #Tools > #Server Registry > #Cache > #Clear (see below)

Your question:
Any ideas on what the lid and sid files do?
My answer:

- sid_##.wfcont --> Uploaded or downloaded Content file(s)
- lid_##.wfcont --> Local Content file(s) --> new or local changed files

1. Save from Pro/E to Workspace
- creates lid_##.wfcont,
- modifies ws.contents
2. Workspace operations
- involves exchange with server
- generates one or more pairs of request_##.xml and response_##.xml
- creates sid_##.wfcont,
- modifies ws.contents
3. Cache cleanup
- deletes unreferenced lid_##.wfcont
- deletes sid_##.wfcont to satisfy dm_cache_limit setting
- manual from server registry UI
- automatic (K-03 and higher) controlled by dm_cache_limit:

The crash of ProE prevented the purge of the to the cache (file ws.contents).
Normaly this will be corrected with a reconnect to the cache.
If this is not the case, you will lost all dates up to the time of the last checkin.

My questions:
Do you use the option dm_cache_limit or dm_cache_size?
What Is the value of the option?

See TAN 133958 (
Title: Files Are Not Purged From The Client Cache To The Size Specified By The Option dm_cache_size
Description: Files are not purged from the client cache to the size specified by the option dm_cache_size when Pro/ENGINEER is linked to any of the Windchill 8.0 solutions.
Resolution: This issue is resolved in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 M060.
**Note that dm_cache_size has been replaced with dm_cache_limit option.
Alternate Technique:
Manually purge the client cache via #Tools > #Server Registry > #Cache > #Clear.
Note: This will purge all the files in the cache.

To recovery your corrupted cache, please use the Windchill Cache Recovery Tool:

Windchill Cache Recovery Tool was developed using a Windchill 8.0 cache with Wildfire 3 and has not been tested
with any other versions. Usage of this program with any other versions is not currently supported and
results are unknown at this time.

So long!

Teoti is right. But there is an easy way to fix your files if there are not to many.

Just find the *.lid files which were described. Open them with a text editor.

search for PTC_COMMON_NAME

three lines below you will find the file name

you can then save the file directly from text editor to the real filename to disk, retrieve and overwrite your workspace

NOTE!!! When you start ProE do NOT synch your cache before rescuing the files.

Good luck and hope it helps

Hi Oliver,

I have many *.lid files. Can you give me some other solution for many files.


Technical Support has some internal tools that can be used to aid in cache recovery. It is necessary to open a tech support case in order to get help with that, though, as the tools are not publicly available. At a minimum you will need to provide the .wf without the *.wfcont files.

There is a workspace recovery tool in the general population that I have used for a year or so and have had a great deal of success as long as you follow the guide lines for it.

On the ProE User Forum you can retrieve this application for free

I can not say it will work for you but give it a try.


We had another wonderful issue. We had the drive on our PDMLink server physically go bad on us. Both another user and I had stuff checked out at the time, and we lost all kids of data. Nice. Now, why would we lose data LOCALLY? Really weird.