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Family Table Problems


Family Table Problems

Pro\Engineer WF 4.0 M0100

PDMLink 9.1 M020

We have situations where a part or assembly is created, tested, then
determined "good" It occurs that this object will be released to
production, then someone realizes that it actually belongs in an
existing family table.

Now, I had methods with Intralink 3.x to accomplish this. Adding a
stand-alone object to an existing family table wasn't fun, but it was

Wha-Happened in PDMLink? It's "you can't get there from here" A couple
of my users have spent DAYS trying to accomplish this once mildly
annoying process. If they manage to shoehorn the instance into the
family table, PDMLink will not allow you to check it in. What's up with

Because the Component or Assembly have been through our Change Notice
process and promoted to Production, our data management "rules" state it
cannot be deleted. But it is beginning to seem that deleting the
object, and creating it from scratch is looking like our only option.
Not really acceptable.

We have a lot of family table manipulations going on around here.
Breaking a family table, reassembling with a different generic number,
removing never released instances, adding an stand alone that missed the
family table.

Anyone have any thoughts, or suggestions or best practices we could


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We have similar issues and are also looking for a solution..

There doesn't seem to be a "Forced Check-In" option any more, which we rarely used but was extremely valuable when needed

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