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FileBased Revision


FileBased Revision

We have legacy data with single digit version '0' and double digit version '00' which needs to be loaded through loaders. We are using filebased series for this with the below entries.





















The load is success for the parts having versions "0" as well as for "00". But for the rest it is working only for double digit version like '01','02','03',.... and getting the error message for single digit version as "Cannot create series sort value -" because its identity is not unique. Windchill version is 10.2.


Any solution for this issue? Or any other approach?

22-Sapphire I

If declaring as legacy doesn't help it would be helpful to know if data existed in the system that used this versioning scheme prior to it being updated. It could be that the seriessortvalues are all out of whack or something along those lines. If that's the case a tech support case may be the way to go here.

Try to delcare them also as legacy:

<series name="alpha">

<value legacy="true">-</value>

<value legacy="true">a</value>

<value legacy="true">b</value>




You will be able to load objects with the values -, a, b but you won't be able to create new ones over the GUI.