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How to export BOM report without iteration?


How to export BOM report without iteration?

Hi All,

While exporting BOM report to xls or any other format.Under version column need only revision number,not required for iteration number.

How can i achive this? Please help me out.


We wanted to do this too, but couldn't find a way, so we gave up. Someone said something about there possibly being a way to re-write some of the code to hide the iteration, but we didn't want to go messing with the code. We just had to live with the iteration being shown. For people in the company who were only used to seeing a revision and had no idea what an iteration was, we had to teach them to ignore what was after the dot...

Hi Robert,

Do you know the code and where we have to do this changes.If it is possible please share your knowledge it may be helpfull for us.

No, I don't know how to change it. We were told that it was very dangerous to attempt to change the code. Making a slight mistake could really mess up the system. So we figured it was safer to leave things the way they are. Sorry...

Hi Panner Selvam,

i have checked with the EXPORT @ Windchill 9.1 M060, am able to get version only.

Please try the following,

1. Select the BOM Details Pge

2. From Action Menu -->Click Export

3. Export.

It works with out iteration.

am not sure , how you are trying.

There are multiple ways to get the data out of the system.

What version are you using?

We are using WindchillPDMLink_10 datecode M020

Hey Panneer,

theres very easy way to do this, without messing up your Windchill server.

Need to write an excel macro to mask the iteration, its that simple.

I am against touching / modifying the server side codes for Windchill, you dont know where you will get hit. Had some bad experiences with this better to think OOTB.