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IE Search Based on thePersistInfo.modifyStamp

IE Search Based on thePersistInfo.modifyStamp

Hello everyone,

I have a webject that I'm searching for files based onthePersistInfo.modifyStamp. I'm looking for objects that have been modified since a certain date in time. My webject line looks like this..

<ieSmiley Tonguearam name="WHERE" data="thePersistInfo.modifyStamp">'$(@FORM[]moddate[])"/>

As you can see, I am searching for a date/time greater than what is provided by the form.

The problem that I'm having is getting it to search down to the hh:mm:ss. This was working before, but we have changed our WC configurationa and now it is only searching down the date.


Assume this modify date on a object: 2012-03-06 02:33:19 GMT

If I pass this argument to the webject:2012-03-05 02:01:01, I get the correct files.

Now assume I pass2012-03-06 02:40:19 to the webject. I shoud not get the object with the modify date above and yet, I am.

I cannot explain how this was working before and not now. Is there a setting somewhere in IE that dictates the sensitivity?


I tested the webject on another instance that has an architecture more similar to our old machine and the webject searches down to the minute just fine. I'm hoping this is just sensitivity setting somewhere.


RE: IE Search Based on thePersistInfo.modifyStamp

This is just an update...

Now our other instance is also not testing down to the minute. It is testing modifyStamp to the date. If anyone has any idea on this, it is much appreciated!

RE: IE Search Based on thePersistInfo.modifyStamp

For those of you who may be following along at home, here is what I think the problem is.

My first webject that I was using had Query-Objects as the webject type. I had to change it to Search-Objects so I could ensure the latest revision/iteration of a file. On a whim, we changed it back to Query-Objects and it is searching down to the minute/second again on the modifiyStamp attribute.

However, this means that I'm not able to get the latest version/iteration of an object since Query-Objects doesn't support these parameters. I'm going to see if I can couple these 2 webjects and get what I want, but does anyone know if this is a bug on Search-Objects where it will not search a date attribute entirely? There is nothing in the docs about limitations on use a WHERE clause in one webject type or another. The assumption is that it should work the same in both Search and Query.

IE Search Based on thePersistInfo.modifyStamp

I sent this to Jeff earlier this week to help him out. The
attached/included helps get around the limitations of Info*Engine when you
are without custom webjects. For those of you interested in Info*Engine ,
this is basically the guts of a custom webject I wrote that helps explain
how to bridge the two worlds together. You could in theory insert this in
a task in-between other webjects depending on how you tweak the code. Take
note of the query included and that it is equivalent to a nested subselect
in SQL (selecting values from a previous selection) AND a timestamp based
date range search.

The information on how to install and configure the delegate and adapters
for webjects (Version 9.1) is available at the very end of this PDF

lastmodified_attrs = (String [])webject.objectParamValue (

if (lastmodified_attrs...


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