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Import/Export Metadata Impacts


Import/Export Metadata Impacts


As we move forward with the implementation of data management, we have a
concern regarding metadata and possible impacts when importing and
exporting between multiple PDM systems.

We have the requirement that we be able to export CAD data that we
develop or modify so that our customers can import it into their PDM
system(s) without conflict (other than known out of date, name already
exists conflicts).

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Are there any type of declared parameters (or PDM attributes) that cause
problems? Such as database parameters displayed on drawings,

What problems have you run into when importing CAD data that were due to
PDM metadata?

TIA, ~Dan

Dan Harlan
Mechanical Engineer / CAD Administrator
480.940.0036 x178 Office
480.940.0039 Facsimile

481 N. Dean Avenue
Chandler, AZ 85226 <">> <">>

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