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Instance Accelerators & PDMlink


Instance Accelerators & PDMlink

Anyone have any experience with Instance Accelerator files and how they work with PDMLink?

David Haigh
Phone: 925-424-3931
Fax: 925-423-7496
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
7000 East Ave, L-362
Livermore, CA 94550



All I know is that unless we have the following setting


then we have check-in problems when assemblies contain family table memebers.



I'm hoping to acquire some knowledge for this topic also. What are the pros and cons? We have a PTCcase open and the recommendation is to create instance accelerators. (If you are creating light weight viewables from a Windchill publisher and do not create instance accelerators, then a possible performance impact canhappen. In our case, it is10-15% impact.)

The concerns we have experienced in the past:

1) File Size

2) Extra File to Manage

3) Issues with Windchill/Creo workspace interactions. (no specific details but might havebeen related to checkin, assemble, or replace)

4) The impact with"Marked as modified, but untouched" instances when users open assemblies in Creo.

Below are thebest practices and config options recommended from PTC. The setting for outdated accelerator is new in Creo 2 M030. This one may resolve many of the concerns from the past.

  • CS93895

    • verify_on_save_by_default=yes

    • Update instance accelerator

      • Checkout the family

      • Open the generic

      • Update family accelerator (File > Instance Operations >
        Accelerator Options > Update)

      • Save

  • CS63673

    • save_instance_accelerator=always

    • update_accelerator_in_verify=yes

  • CS96100

    • use_outdated_accelerator=no

Bill Ryan

Peterbilt Motors Company

Hi Dave,


If you still need an answer for this?  Our Family table instances were regenerating when we open an assembly.


This is from PTC Tech support. .  You need to login as Librarian of Admin 


  • To do this smoothly, we can actually remove the “save_instance_accelerator” and “Save_objects” settings completely, as they are unneeded
  • Instead, open each generic, and go to File > Manage file > instance accelerator > Update
  • What this does is it prompts every instance for checkout under the generic, and gives them all XPR files. Then all you need to do is check in.
  • If you have 40 total FT generics, even if they have thousands of instances, this will necessitate only a total of 40 Update/Checkins for the lot. And then, all those instances should no longer regen.

The instance accelerators are actually saved in the detail page under "content: for each instance.

The user then must update their Workspaces if they have any existing family items checked out.


Larry Ensler

Lyncean Technologies Inc