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Intralink 3.4 M011 installation


Intralink 3.4 M011 installation

Hi guys

the installation of Intralink 3.4 M011 is driving me crazy. The DBCA
(Database Configuration Assistant) exit with error "Unexpected end of
ZLIB input stream". The host is a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. Here's
the full story:

1. Installed JRE 1.4.2_010 and included bin in PATH environment variabile
2. Activated LM NT Provider Service from Control Panel as automatic service
3. Installed OSA F000
4. Installed OSA M030
5. Installed Intralink 3.4 M011 File Server
6. Installed Intralink 3.4 M011 Data Server. It blocks on database
7. Applied (TAN 129653)
8. Reinstalled Data Server without running database script
9. Run install_ilink from command prompt. It blocks on calling DBCA.
Reading the log file in intralink\dbs\create_db I found these lines

05/04/09 14:28:01 DBCA error message was:
05/04/09 14:28:01 =======
05/04/09 14:28:01 invalid command name "Look at the log file
"C:\ptc\osa\oraprod\admin\ilnk\create\ilnk.log" for further details."
05/04/09 14:28:01 =======

C:\ptc\osa\oraprod\admin\ilnk\create\ilnk.log read "Unexpected end of
ZLIB input stream".

So I'm stucked with my Intralink installation.

Have you got any ideas?

Thanks a lot


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