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Is it possible to insert a URL that points to a Windchill folder in a workflow task instructions?


Is it possible to insert a URL that points to a Windchill folder in a workflow task instructions?

Hello all, hope you are well.

This is the scenario: I have a Product template with a folder structure created. Also I have a workflow where in some task the user has to save a document in a predetermined folder. Right now what I did is to put the location in the Instructions task: something like this: You have to create a document in the folder Product name>Folder1> Folder 1.1 > Folder 1.1.1 ....

But I would be nice that the user just have to click that location and another tap open in the right folder. 

Someone knows if is possible inserting a variable?


Thanks in advance for reading this post or writing any idea.




If it's a fixed folder, you could try to put a href link to the folder.


Hello @Florent 

The structure folder is created every time a new Product is created, so the path will be the same but in another project.


Thanks for your reply!

Is this what you want?

The code my workflow points to assumes the folder is in the same Context as the PBO. I had to assume something as the Context can change therefore getting the link should be dynamic rather than hardcoding.



Click on the link and opens the folder in new tab


BTW, having the link to the folder is great but why not automate checking if the user actually did save a document to that folder?

Set it up such that the task cannot be completed unless the document has been saved by the user.


Also, maybe automate creating the document and then have a link to the document in the task rather than the folder.  The users job would then he to add the content, edit attributes, whatever. But still check to see that they added content, etc.


Food for thought?




Hello David.

You blew my mind with the 3 possible solutions. I was thinking in the 1rs example you mentioned. In this case, I was looking to edit the "Task" object in "Type and Attribute Manage" but I could't find it. Should I use Activity instead? and also what type of Attribute should I create for the  folder location? 

With the 2nd and 3rd suggestion, wow! but is possible that our users create different documents so I believe that this would complicate the idea, so Iwould use your suggestion for next time.


Best regards


Luis, hi


Use a Process level String variable, folderLink for example, and pass it to the activity.

I'd set the value of the folderLink variable in an expression robot prior to the activity and then copy it to an activity level variable of the same name.


As for the other suggestions.  It would be possible to at least determine if the user has created (or modified) at least one Document in the target folder AFTER the workflow activity started.  Not perfect but at least you can check if they did something.

If you know they have to create a new Document then check for that.


Hope this help,



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