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Localhost:389 error


Localhost:389 error

1. When trying to access the principal administrator it gives me error localhost:389, and doesn't let me edit users. I restarted the ldap to see if that was a quick fix, but it's not. Anyone ever get this error before?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

2. Also, does anyone know how to see a list of what windchill property values I currently have set? I can see the full list of properties by adding the \properties.html list, and I can view property values 1 by 1 in Jconsole, but I would really like to see a list. Is that possible? Thanks again.



A few shots in the dark

1- Check to see if localhost is resolved via "ping localhost"

a. Possibly need an edit to your hosts file

2- Port 389 is what is used to communicate to your LDAP of course. Perhaps the ldap admin password has been changed or altered

a. This login info should be present in your

3- Check to see if any anti-virus or other programs are competing for this port (AD uses 389 as well and causes problems if it is running on your server)

4- Firewall?

5- Windchill restart and send the fresh methodserver log. Usually if there is a problem with LDAP Windchill won't start and will throw an error.

6- Is there anything more to the error message?


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer

Hi Bryon,

Check you codebase/Web-INF/ for the property 'seeAlso'. The
value of the following '@' should be the fully qualified hostname of the
server and not 'localhost'. Secondly Try this command on the command line
'telnet <fully_qualified_hostname> 389. Also check ieStructProperties.txt
file in the same folder if the host points to the actual server name and not


Rohan Kalbhor