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Lost ability to Promote/Demote


Lost ability to Promote/Demote

Does anyone know why we are no longer able to promote/demote. We are
setup so that at check-in, we can select the options tab and select
Promote Configuration and the Promote/Demote window comes up. All of a
sudden, the FOR SELECTED ITEMS is grayed out and there is no way to change
the Release Level. It was working fine until noon yesterday. We are
running Intralink 3.3. Is there some Preference setting that may have
been changed?
Steve S.

RE: Lost ability to Promote/Demote


I had the same problem with one of my users. I had him uncheck all the
settings in his local preferences under the promote/demote tab and he was
able to see the menu again.


Rakesh Hora

RE: Lost ability to Promote/Demote

Was promote to and demote to removed from the table display?
Even though the columns have no value, they have to be in the table display
in order to perform a promote or demote

Michelle McMasters
Engineering Systems Administrator
Black & Decker Hardware & Home Improvement

Re: Lost ability to Promote/Demote

Thanks for all the quick responses. The problem was in the table display.
I had removed the Promote_To, Demote_To from the table display.
Thanks again,