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Mapping lifecycle for WTpart CAD Data Management in xconf


Mapping lifecycle for WTpart CAD Data Management in xconf


When I try to create WTPart using Windchill Part Creation Utility I got an error:


>>> Choose an option: 3
wt.util.WTException: LifeCycle state "CAD Data Management.INWORK" mapping is not found in file. Please make the entry and propagate it.


I compare with another machine where utility works fine and I can't find the difference.


Properties.xconf file looks like this:


<Property default="Basic" name="Basic"/>
<Property default="Basic.INWORK" name="Basic.INWORK"/>
<Property default="Basic.RELEASED" name="Basic.RELEASED"/>
<Property default="Basic.CANCELLED" name="Basic.CANCELLED"/>

<Property default="Review" name="Review"/>
<Property default="Review.INWORK" name="Review.INWORK"/>
<Property default="Review.UNDERREVIEW" name="Review.UNDERREVIEW"/>
<Property default="Review.CANCELLED" name="Review.CANCELLED"/>
<Property default="Review.COMPLETED" name="Review.COMPLETED"/>

<Property default="Release" name="Release"/>
<Property default="Release.INWORK" name="Release.INWORK"/>
<Property default="Release.UNDERREVIEW" name="Release.UNDERREVIEW"/>
<Property default="Release.RELEASED" name="Release.RELEASED"/>
<Property default="Release.REWORK" name="Release.REWORK"/>
<Property default="Release.REJECTED" name="Release.REJECTED"/>
<Property default="Release.CANCELLED" name="Release.CANCELLED"/>

<Property default="One Phase Development" name="One Phase Development"/>
<Property default="One Phase Development.DESIGN" name="One Phase Development.DESIGN"/>
<Property default="One Phase Development.PROTOTYPE" name="One Phase Development.PROTOTYPE"/>
<Property default="One Phase Development.RELEASED" name="One Phase Development.RELEASED"/>
<Property default="One Phase Development.OBSOLESCENCE" name="One Phase Development.OBSOLESCENCE"/>
<Property default="One Phase Development.UNDERREVIEW" name="One Phase Development.UNDERREVIEW"/>



Can someone help me with setup this property? I just want to create WTpart for cad .prt and .asm.

23-Emerald IV

Hi @TomU ,

okay I understand now that I have only map for Basic, Release and Review states and my cad files have a different template.

I can see that xconf file said that I should edit it only via xconfmanager.

What will be the correct command to add another map for example "Test" lifecycle with "In Work", "Testing", "Release" states? Thanks a lot!

Hi @MattPat 


Generally PTC advice to do so, because all changes by a xconfmanager are stored in a site.xconf file and you can keep history of changes - easier upgrade propagation in future. 

If you modify the OOTB xconf files in other places, every upgrade you will have to keep in mind that all changes were done outside the site.xconf.


In this case, if you just import wtpart once then you can modify the file directly.

You just propagate changes to properties by xconfmanager -p