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New to windchill

5-Regular Member

New to windchill

Hello PTC  members,

I am new to PTC windchill, Please suggest me any documents, links or videos for beginners.

Is there any expert can teach me. Please respond to my email

Thanks in advance.






23-Emerald II

Is Windchill installed?

Is Windchill configured for your organization?

Is your organization new to PDM systems?

Are you using Creo or another CAD system with Windchill?


What is your background, engineer, business systems, IT, computer science degree, etc?


How do you plan on using Windchill in your organization?


There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and the PTC website.

The Help section of the web site has links to articles on how to install, configure and setup Windchill.


Take a start with "PTC University Learning Exchange" video tutorials:

Like most enterprise systems, there is a whole lot to Windchill.  It's kept every one of my brain cells very busy (and challenged) for 15 years.


Put a lot of effort into understanding what is there as installed before making changes.  Preserve the as-installed (commonly called OTB) condition where possible.  One way to do this is to leave configurations at Site level alone and create all yours at Org level.


Create a Library (or Product) container and add all types of test / sample data there.  Helps greatly to have these permanently.  Note: They are also then carried along to "rehosted" non-production systems.