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PDMLink 10.1 QuickLinks


PDMLink 10.1 QuickLinks

Good Day All,

I was wondering if any of you have been able to add any additional links to the Quick Links pulldown menu in PDMLink 10.1? It seems like a nice area to add a few hyperlinks to.




Jim Van Dragt
PLM Architect
Information Technology

Jim - You will have to copy the following section from Navigation-actionModels.xml to your custom-actionModels.xml and add your custom Action. You will also have to define the UI components for that action in custom-actions.xml

<model name="header" actions&quot;=">
actions that appear in the top right of the header
<submodel name="help"/">
<action name="clipboard" type="netmarkets"/">
<action name="queueMonitorMain" type="wvs"/">
<submodel name="mysettings"/">
<action name="checkConsole" type="object"/">
<action name="batchPrintGlobal" type="wvs"/">
<action name="hotList" type="user"/">
<action name="softwareDownloads" type="netmarkets"/">
<action name="emailPage" type="team"/">
<action name="copyPage" type="object"/">
<submodel name="open"/">
<action name="separator" type="separator"/">
<action name="signOut" type="fba"/">
<action name="CUSTOM_ACTION" type="object"/">

Raju Pulavarthi
Sr. Systems Analyst - Windchill Team
Global Information Technology


I am trying to do this customization. I got the below document from PTC:

The UI is showing 'Free Chocolate'. But there is no action when I click it. Can you guide me?


Ok, figured out what should be the code inside thte jsp to launch a web url. (Rather than in the sample they showed how to do for new mail). Please put the below code in the jsp to launch 'webutl'.


<title>JSP Redirect</title>
String site = "weburl.html" ;
response.setHeader("Location", site);

(I just noticed this thread was revived from 2012...anyway, responding to the more recent post(s) on this thread)


As others have already pointed to, for the QuickLinks menu, you would add to this file:





You might want to look through the online help center, for "Adding actions and Hooking Them Up in the UI" topic, and the info under there.


Windchill 12 help:


There is the same help topic section for other versions of Windchill as well, including 10.x.


We also have a team of engineers, should you open a Support case, that specialize in the "customization" aspect of Windchill, when questions come up.




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