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PDMLink 10.1 VS 10.2


PDMLink 10.1 VS 10.2

We are moving from PDMLink 9.1 to either 10.1 or 10.2. Is there anything that says stop at 10.1 or is 10.2 clean and green to update to?
All responses appreciated.

John M. Scranton
Manager Design Drafting
and Configuration Management
Ultra Electronics - USSI
4868 E. Park 30 Dr.
Columbia City, IN 46725-8869
*Voice: 260.248.3576
*Fax; 260.248.3509
5-Regular Member

If I were starting now, then I would go straight to 10.2 and deal with the
latest problems on that system rather than fighting the "its fixed in 10.2
... but we can make a patch for 10.2" game. Overall, I suspect that early
builds of 10.2 will have some growing pains, certainly more than a later
build of 10.1, but it will have more functionality, and your support for
patches will get quicker attention since PTC is good at supporting new
Windchill versions when a customer runs into any kind of reproducible
problem during an upgrade.

We are on 10.1 now. We plan to go to 10.2 in 2015 only because we are in
a large, manual data conversion effort linking our CAD to WTPart data this
year and next year, and we don't want to delay that with a major upgrade
until after the conversion.

Al Anderson

[solutions] - PDMLink 10.1 VS 10.2

Scranton, John

I'm going from 9.1 to 10.2 and am almost done documenting the upgrade/migration process.
No serious issues so far.

joe bell
GSIMS Administrator
GPS Sustainment Information Management System
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