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PDMLink Backups

PDMLink Backups

Hello all,
I have a question for you about a 'best practice' for backing up our PDMLink installation. Currently we have a duplicate copy of the installed software that we update when we make any configuration changes. For backup we do a disc to disc backup of the Windchill and Oracle folders each night and then put the disc copy to tape. The recovery plan is to copy the previous nights disc backup of the Windchill and Oracle folders to the production server and re-start/re-create the services.
My question: Is there a better way to create Windchill and Oracle backups? I'd appreciate any input on backup and disaster recovery strategies.

Mike Ibosh
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RE: PDMLink Backups


I'll be interested in this discussion and be aware of practices that are
out there too.

When you do a disk backup of Windchill and Oracle do you shut down the
Windchill method servers and Oracle DB Instance?

What we currently do: Shutdown Windchill, Shutdown Oracle instance,
Export (dump) LDAP (Aphelion), setup a third party software to backup
-vaults, Windchill folder, Tomcat folder, folder containing LDAP dumps,
Oracle archive destinations, INIT.ora and PWD, and oradata (Oracle data
files) to Tape. This I believe should keep the Aphelion, Oracle and
External file vaults in Synch. We do full monthly and incremental
weekly. We also have a test system which has any configuration changes
applied to our main system.

I haven't tested a recovery scenario yet.


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X Product Development

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RE: PDMLink Backups

Shalini's backup is thorough except for one thing. Recovery should be rehearsed occasionally to ensure that all the pieces are in place and that you can recover as fast as possible when needed.

As far as the Oracle backup, you can either create a .dmp file (no need to shut down oracle for this, only Windchill servers to ensure there are no changes during .dmp creation) or backup the db files as Mike does. Mike is missing an ldap backup. Keep in mind that if the ldap and db are out of sync, you could run into problems. You can export a .ldif of your directory structure either by using the LDAPBrowser, or via command line (look for it in the Info*Engine Admin guide).

To reiterate, the most important part of a backup plan is the recovery. I would test different strategies to find which one gives you the fastest recovery time in your environment.


RE: PDMLink Backups

Does it matter if external file Vaults are in Synch with LDAP and
Oracle? (If you don't delete the non-referenced files)


RE: PDMLink Backups


It's best to backup your external storage at the same time as the
database. If they are out of sync, you may end up with dead links for
files that are not in your file backup but are in your db backup.

I didn't mention backing up the RetrievalWare index and published
viewable data. However, these are optional since they can be rebuilt
using the BulkIndexTool or by republishing. Whether you back these up
or not depends on the time it would take to bulk index and republish the
entire database. If you have a smaller database, you may not need to
worry about it.

Best Regards,
Bill Palm


RE: PDMLink Backups

Hi Bill,

Appreciate all the advice involved in this discussion. I do backup the
Windchill_Indexes folder/directory under rware. I am not so sure about
the published viewable data that you mentioned and I don't think I read
about it in any of the publications I went through, (I haven't read all
of them yet!!). But since you mentioned that it can be rebuilt then I
won't be so worried but I'll still be interested in reading/knowing
about it. Would you know what directory holds that data?

I should try the recovery scenario as I get an opportunity to plan it.

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