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PTC/Dassault/UGS for PLM


PTC/Dassault/UGS for PLM

Our company is evaluating PTC, Dassault, and UGS for PLM. In particular
we are considering Windchill, Teamcenter, and Smarteam. We are a Windows
shop and currenly control our Pro/E files with Intralink. Our AutoCAD
and Mentor Graphics PADS files are currently managed by systems other
than Intralink. We would like to manage all of our files under "one
roof". Multi-site engineering is a requirement.

We will be conducting interviews with companies that each vendor has
provided as references. We are looking for feedback on
successes/nightmares that others are willing to share with us in regards
to these three companies. In addition, we would like recommended
questions that we should be asking these references as well as the
vendors themselves.

Some questions that we are considering: Have you been a long term user
or someone who recently migrated to their system? Why did you select the
software? What is your level of satisfaction? What is your vendor's
responsiveness to issues? Etc.

All responses will be kept confidential. Our project manager for this
would also be interested in phone conversations with anyone willing to
share their experiences (good or bad) with us. Thanks.

Neil Andal
PTC Systems Administrator
Daktronics, Inc.