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PTC System Monitor and Me....


PTC System Monitor and Me....

Please look at my Powerpoint and let me know what you think.  I am a big fan of the application and would love to trade some Dashboards!

I presented @ PTCLive 2013 this year, but alas, the turnout to the presentation wasn't as much as I had anticipated.  This is my presentation.  Enjoy.  I am always willing to help with the PSM in my free time, if I have any

Thanks as always!


Interesting!  He have the PSM installed,but use it poorly since I don't know how  😞  So if there could be some guidance, that would be great!

Sure thing Hugo! I would be happy to help you as you need it sir.  Let me know what you would like to do and I would be more than happy to.

Could you forward me some starting points?  This way, I don't have to bother you with basic or stupid questions.

Have a nice weekend,  Hugo.

I just got PSM installed this week.  Some neat stuff for seeing where a bottleneck is.  Now only what to do with that with PTC Support.

I too like Hugo would like some starting points if you have any.

On your slides though there were a couple of things that interested me.

One was on Workspace Operation dashboards.  How do you set them up?

The other was about the Integrity Module on slide 7.  Is that only if you have Integrity, or is there functionality that anyone can access?

Thank you, Brian


Starting points that worked with me:

Backup your profile before every change

The help actually is not too bad.  The interface for it is horrendous though.

Copy a dashboard you really like and then pick it apart.  What's the worst that will happen?


Open a ticket with PTC and ask for some advice.  It is helpful! 

Get your hands on a dynatrace 4 documentation manual.  That would be excellent.

Hi Hugo,

You can get started with the documentation from this link

Select the latest published documentation for Windchill Or Integrity.

let me know if any questions!


I went to your presentation and thats what drove me to make sure I got this setup and running.  Now I am just playing with it to see what i can do out of the box before setting up my own dashboard.

Cool Wayne!  I am always willing to help also!  Additionally, did you know you can monitor JMX values?  They only work currently for numerical values.  Alpha ones will generate errors.