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PTC Windchill Workspace Unable to Update Models


PTC Windchill Workspace Unable to Update Models


This is TechnicBots 8565, and currently we have been attempting to use PTC Windchill Workspace. Since we have multiple members working on the modeling of our robot, we decided to use windchill to be able to separate the robot into different assemblies.

However, we have run into a problem while using Windchill.

So what we have done so far is -

1. Person 1 uploads a custom part

2. Person 2 retrieves the part and opens it on another computer

3. Person 1 changes the part on his computer

4. Person 2 uses the update feature to update the part on his computer

So the first time we use this method, it will work like 70% of the time. However, if person 1 changes the part again, there is no way for the person 2 to successfully update the part on his computer anymore.

Is there a solution to this problem?



21-Topaz I

When updating, Windchill client defaults to keeping changed objects and not updating. Look for a checkbox - I forget the exact wording - that indicates keeping the existing models.

Alternatively look at using ADD to force WIndchill to download the latest models, but notice it has the same button to keep the models in the workspace as-is, and not add the latest ones.

We can finally upload a part to the server on one computer, and then when you download it on another computer, it changes.

  1. Sign in to Windchill on both computers in Creo.
  2. Do this on both computer:
    1. File – Options -Configuration Editor
    2. Add a new configuration for “dm_overwrite_contents_on_update” set to “yes”.
  3. Make a part on computer 1, and go to File-Save-Save and Upload
  4. Open the part on computer 2, and change something.
  5. Save it under File-Save-Save and Upload, and then check in the file.
  6. Go to File-Open-Update current on computer 1. The things you change on computer 2 should be changed on computer 1.