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Pro/Convert size limit?


Pro/Convert size limit?

Pro/Convert Users Guide, Release 3.0, DOC-GU509-EN-030

Contains the following paragraph in Chapter 4, page 6:
To run the Pro/INTRALINK Conversion Server, the server must be started with
the appropriate settings and sizing. The large size installation of
Pro/CONVERT Server usually is adequate for approximately 10 to 15 gigabytes
of Pro/PDM data, or about 75,000 objects. If the amount of data present in
Pro/PDM (and Pro/INTRALINK) exceeds these limits, errors may occur during
import or export of the database or databases. In order to resize the
Pro/INTRALINK Conversion Server, use the Oracle Server Manager or the Data
Server Management Utility (see Appendix B)


We have a Pro/PDM database that is over 100 gigabytes in size and we are
experiencing problems converting it. We have the installation set to
'large' and we are able to convert smaller databases, so we think that
Pro/Convert is set up and working correctly. Resizing using DSMU doesn't
seem possible for us - the menu's suggested in Appendix B are not

Has anybody converted a Pro/PDM database of similar size?
Did you have to tweak tablespaces using Oracle Server Manager? Did you
have to get an Oracle consultant to do this?
Anything else?

Many thanks. any assistance will be greatly appreciated, I'll summarise,

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