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Problem using "Percentage unit" in quantity of measure


Problem using "Percentage unit" in quantity of measure


In our windchill server, We got some Classification that use a defined "Tolerance Attributes" using the "percentage" unit.

This "percentage" unit is defined into "Qty of measure menu" as "override" =  % into all Measurement system.

Seems good at first but when we set a part with attribute tolerance lets say to: 5 to get 5% tolerance.

When the part is display after the creation the Tolerance attribute is display = 0.05 %


I look into the documentation but I was not able to find a default unit equal to the percentage sign(%) is like that % unit is not standard but I can't find where it could be define elsewhere.


How can I get the % sign for the attribute but got the displayed value not divide by 100. 

Thank you. 


We have currently the same issue. Does your issue have been solved ? Does anyone have an idea ?

Many Thanks

23-Emerald II

Someplace in the Unit of Measure settings or maybe the Preferences for the display to show the right values.

I had to change some preference for my weight to show pounds in Windchill and Creo. Originally Creo showed pounds but Windchill converted it to kg when the file was checked-in. Changed the preference for display units and all is good now.

Excel does something similar. If you define a cell as a percentage, you need to enter .05 to get it to display 5%.

Hey prelard812,


I suspect you are probably seeing the behaviour mentioned in this knowledge article, and known SPR.


Depending on the Windchill version/CPS you are on, there may be a fix for it.


You may want to open a Support case, if it's not the issue in that article - but it sounds like it probably is.


Did you find out more about this?  Was it related to the article I mentioned?

Hi Michael

yes it works now... ( It seems!!!) 

And your documentation was right.. it seems to be a problem from our server migration from version 8 to 11 ~two years ago. 


So to conclude it seems to be related to system of measure.  We delete the Percentage sign from all system of measure / save and reedit the % sign in the same field and it seems to fix the problems now.

Thank you for your support 

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