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Query Builder, looking for object iterations


Query Builder, looking for object iterations

Hey, help please.

I'm using WC 10.1. I'm trying to build a Report Query that will show me all the EPMDocuments (CAD files) that are in a specific directory. I've got the output I want. I think I've got the join I want and the criterion (the sub-directory of choice). My only problem is that I only get the LATEST of each file. I need to get my list to show every single iteration of each of the files. It adamantly refuses to do so. I thought I coud run a bunch of reports, each with an added criterion of any file's iteration being say 0, and then the next report would capture all the 1's, the next all the 2's, etc. But all those reports only bring back files whose LAST iteration is that number.

What am I doing wrong?

My From's are EPM Document and File Folder

My Join is that the CAD doc is a folder member of the File Folder

My criterion segregates the folder of choice, but what magic double-speak attribute am I supposed to use to get it to bring back ALL iterations????

This is drivin' me nuts . . .

Is it my From of EPM Document?? I also tried CAD Document. Just likes to show the last-saved iteration.



Can you show a screenshot of your query builder ?

if you have no critera on the "latest", it should return all the iterations ....


query_criteria.JPGSee? I don't have anything in there really... I added the second condition just to shorten my results list which follows.


I admit that I DO have Last Modified in what I want to show, but that's not criteria, right? So, for this particular object, I should be showing at least 10 iterations, but I only ever get the last one.

can you add the from, join and select tab of your query builder ?

Are you sure that there is no purge process of previous iterations ?

try to simplify the query. only select EPMDocument where name = "turbine.prt"

In which Windchill release ?

um, using WC 10.1

er, I didn't add anything to make some sort of 'purge process' for previous iterations ... If I did, I didn't know it.

and I changed it back from CAD Document to EPMDocument, and tried it that way again. Here are my tabs:




and here's my new criterion page (using EPM instead of CAD Doc):


and yet . . . here's my results page again. Still only showing the last iteration:


try to remove the condition on Folder (and why a condition on Description ? you select folder name ? )

and if not work, try to remove the join to Folder (may be a bug in QB ?)

I've exactly the same (not EPMDocument, but com.mysite.DefaultEPMDocument, and without the join to folder), and I get all the iterations

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