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Regarding Windchill data storage and data models for CREO


Regarding Windchill data storage and data models for CREO

Hi there,

I just need some info regarding the data storage and data models in Windchill.

since lone time, we have been using Windchill and CREO to save CREO part, assy and drawings.

now I need to migrate some of CREO models from another system to Windchill.

but I don't how to do that.

Is there any way to see the data models for CREO data?

For e.g.:

If I create 3d model and save it in Windchill, how it's being saved inside oracle database.






where metadat is stored?

What're the different connections? how they're stored in database

how physical files being stored?

I really appreciate if you would suggest something.

Also, let me know if there is any tool that I can use to see the data models in Windchill.

Thanks In adv.

23-Emerald II

The CAD files themselves are not stored in Windchill/Oracle unless it was configured improperly, in which case the CAD files are stored as BLOBs in the Oracle database.

The CAD files should be stored in external file vaults on your Windchill server and all metadata is stored in Oracle on another server. The Oracle data includes the relationship information between files as well as their physical location in the external vaults.

To import Creo models and drawings into Windchill is easy. Create and activate a new workspace in Creo and then Open the files from their disk location and save them. The save will be into your workspace. From there the files may be checked in to the Windchill common space. I would start by importing part files first, then assemblies and finally the drawings. Windchill files must be unique so be sure the imported files do not have the same name as the ones already in Windchill.

To learn more about the structure of Windchill, read the system administration manuals.

Hi Ben,

thanks for the reply.

Yes, the CAD files are saved in the physical locations in the external vault and meta data is saved in Oracle database.

Thing is, I need to import data from other system which has alomst 15GB CAD models, it's huge.

I can't save them manually one by one. I need to write some script by using Windchill API and create metadata for CAD models and checkin files into external vault.

but, I don't know anything about Windchill, that's why I need some guidelines to know how to proceed.

Also, I need to build some intgration to send CAD model attributes to ERP system from Windchill

So, I need to analyse complete data models in Windchill for parts, assy and drawings, so that I can write something by using Windchill API.

Could you please suggest?

I'm only concerned about below things in Windchill:

1) CAD models - Part, assy

2) drawings

3) Workspaces

4) attributes

5) links between parent and sub parts

Could you give some API methods and database tables how these data is stored?

Thanks In Adv

23-Emerald II

I am not the person for doing scripts but there is a bulk loader module used to populate Windchill from other systems.

Here are some links that may help.

Consolidating Systems in PTC Windchill: Performing Bulk Data Migration

How-to use the Bulk Load functionality

Thanks Ben!

I think this "Bulk Load" functionality will help me... thanks.

One more thing, Do you have any tools or scripts to export data from Windchill to XMLs.

I need to export metadata and physical file location into XML so that ERP can use that information to update it's system.

Pl. suggest something..

Thanks In Adv.


If you are looking to integreate ERP with Windchill and send the data along with your release process, then look into ERP Connector or ESI.

If you are looking for one time activitiy, then look into Export / Import functionality available from Site - Utilities in Windchill.



Hi Chiranjeevi,

Yes, I'm looking for one time activity to export metadata into XMLs.

Could you please give exact link for :

Export / Import functionality available from Site - Utilities in Windchill

Thanks In Adv.


You should login to Windchill as Organization Administrator or Site Administrator to view this action.

Once logged in,navigate to the Utilities page from Site or Organization.

In there you should see an action Import / Export Management.

If you don't see this, contact your Administrator. Also check info in Windchill Help Center which could help you further in exporting the data.



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