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Reject on 1st Reject Vote.pptx


Reject on 1st Reject Vote.pptx

Examaple of using a synch robot to Reject the 1st time a Reject vote is selected


Some of the images seem to be corrupted when I try to open this pptx.  Can you repost?


This would really improve our working procedures.

This somehow doesn't work as mentioned.

I put this expression in the Transition for 'Vote' activity, but it fails to initiate the activity. Is there something else do I need to do or am I missing something??

// On the start transition of the voting activity in the workflow, initialize a process variable,

// say theActivity to the current activity as shown.


I have already created a global variable theActivity, as mentioned.



what are the entries in the routing tab of vote activity???


One of the issues I ran into when trying to implement a similar workflow in 10.2 M010/M020 is global variables that are copied to/copied from an activity variable, are not copied out into the global until after the activity completes. I had to make is a separate expression robot that runs after the activity is started (Ref: CS161854). 

I also got invalidtargetexception errors when using, "Rejected", "") it would work but would throw an error if the vote wasn't "Rejected". We ended up adding a refire loop if the secondary option was picked. Still isn't working 100% but we're getting there.

Just for anyone which searches for this topic. This solution is out of date. Since Windchill 11.0 there is a workflow task transition called "Complete Task". This code will start the rework as soon one of the Change Admins votes for rework.


if (, "Rework") > 0) {, "Rework");

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 21.56.18.png 

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