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Remote Windchill and Pro/E


Remote Windchill and Pro/E

I would like to know if anybody has any experience with the following technology setup.

We are exploring the possibility of moving our WC system to our corporate headquarters several thousand miles away.
We know that the download of large models and assemblies would be quite inefficient over the WAN, especially the small band width we have with headquarters.
We know that we could probably get around that with vault replication at our end.

But here is what is being proposed by corporate IT:

Run WC on a server farm at their location
Run WF4 on a set of blade servers at their location so that downloads will only be from the server to the local blade.
We access these blades with some sort of HP remote software of a Citrix like client.
So our workstations here would be come "Dumb Terminals" to display the images coming from the blades.

Has anyone operated Pro/E connected to WC in this way ?
We have no idea how the graphic performance of WF4 would react to this arrangement.

We suspect it would be dismal at best.

Bill Kunz

Research & Development

* (949) 753-6709



15800 Alton Pkwy

Irvine, CA 92618

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22-Sapphire II

Check out this years PTC user presentations. There was one on this topic.

We have implemented RGS here (the Citrix like client) to speed up the performance of Pro/INTRALINK 3.X which helps greatly. However the user of Wildfire is diminished a bit. You will notice a half second or more latency of your clicks. Why isn't the WC technology good enough to have WF loaded locally?

Patrick Williams | Engineering Systems | Sr. Applications Engineer | Steelcase Inc. | 616.698.4078


From: Kunz,William,IRVINE,R&D [

If you have a large, complex Pro/ENGINEER session running on a machine
thousands of miles away, what will your graphics performance be? I
suspect debilitating to the Pro/E session!

With Windchill 9.1, you could have your file stores in California, and
the WC instance thousands of miles away, and not pay the WAN penalty for
either graphics nor data transfer.

It sounds like IT is trying to cut costs on their end, and let
Engineering pay the premium!

From: Williams, Patrick S. [
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