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Rename Functionality at product level context


Rename Functionality at product level context

Hello everyone,


Currently in our Windchill system (WGM 11.1), rename preferences inherited directly from the organization level context, and I could not see those preferences at product level context. So I would like to know if there is any possibility to see or transfer there preferences from Organization level to product level context.


e.g.  All the below mentioned settings are at Organization level (Value set - Unchanged), but I cannot see these attributes at product level context.


Default setting for File Name
Default setting for Name
Default setting for Number


Well, requirement for us is that one of our product owner wants to control this preferences from product level context. Name and File name should be "Same as Number" instead "Unchanged", and Number field value should remain same as "Unchanged".

But I could not see these attributes (Organization--> Rename) at product level context neither I can set it via OIR. I do use intralink administration but still could not able to figure out as my knowledge is very limited in this field. Could you please guide me if I can transfer this three preferences to product level context or I need to write OIR in order to control these attributes at product level context?


Thank you!




From how I understand it you would need the product manager or orgadmin to up the preferences within Operation > Rename like below. A lot of these are within the Operation preference.


I hope this helps and answers you question.




Hello Shaun,

Thank you for your reply. Actually we tried with both product manager & orgadmin but it's not possible to set this preferences at Product level. By default it is inherited from the organization level context.


What we want is that to set those preferences also at Product level context, which we do not see (info: other products need to be same as "Unchanged" but except one). Please see the below picture.




Hi KB,


This looks to be intentional, as I also see the same as you, with the "Rename" preference only having the Collector subtree, when you look at this Operations -> Rename preference at the lower contexts (ex.  Product).


It seems to be mentioned in the help:


I'd suggest opening a Support case, so that our WGM team can add clarity around this, but it seems like you only set the defaults at the higher context.


Mike Chatel