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Retrieve Assembly Structure


Retrieve Assembly Structure

Hello everyone,

 I need to wite a java custom class that retrieve the structure of an assembly (.asm) file.

The class must be execute in a listener after the CheckIn event.

I have found a call to Swagger REST Api (structure/objects descendants) and it is working on a standalone java class.


I wondering if it is possible to call a REST Api inside a java custom class executed at the CheckIn event.

If it is not possible what JAVA API I shoul use for a Windchill 11.0 M030 ?




Hi @gfontana,

If you could share/let us know how did you call Swagger REST Api (structure/objects descendants) from within standalone java class (your standalone example may be), I can play around it to see if we can call it inside check in event listner.




Hi Shirish,  the REST api call is:  



where <server> and<port> are valorized with the client data.


The java files is in attached 


Note: the java class is in progress so probabilly there are some imprecision 


Thank you


Try this OData REST API

POST <windchill_server>:<port>/Windchillservlet/odata/ProdMgmt/Parts('part_id')/PTC.ProdMgmt.GetBOM?$expand=Components($expand=Part($select=Name,Number),PartUse,Occurrences) 
CSRF_NONCE: <nonce_value>
Content-Type: application/json

Request Body:


Thanks for your response.
I also would know the timeline of the swagger REST APi


@gfontana are you asking the support timeline for SwaggerAPIs?

yes thankyou

I am not sure about the support timeline. However, I see a lot of new OData based APIs being exposed. I think you should start using the OData based APIs.

Thanks so much I'll follow your suggestion !