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SolidEdge managed by Windchill


SolidEdge managed by Windchill

Hi folks,

How to manage SolidEdge legacy with Windchill?

There is any kind of documentation available about this subject that can help me to estimate the amount of effort & risk to implement it?

Best regards,



You can check with I-Cubed ( They use to have a WGM for SolidWorks.



we use SolidWorks with Windchill with few issues.

The WGM is part of the installation media for Windchill - not sure about licencing requirements (we also use NX, CATIA & Pro/E), and this handles the data fairly well. We also have a CADWorker set up to create viewables which can be used in CreoView or PDF's of drawings.



I have the same problem in my company with PDMLINK 10.1

I have contacted I-Cubed, the response is

With that said, I-Cubed discontinued the sale of the Solid Edge CAD Integration (CADi) product offering as of August 31, 2011.

As the industry experts in CAD integration to Windchill, we had requests from a small amount of our customers to develop a SolidEdge CAD integration to Windchill based PTC’s workgroup manager. With PTC’s support we developed this product and deployed solution.

The product development effort was focused on Solid Edge ST2 and Windchill 9.1 (M030 & M050) and I-Cubed had received excellent support from PTC and Siemens to develop the integration and provide a road map for continued development support. Over the past 18 months, I-Cubed has not experienced the anticipated demand to support a continuous product development road map and therefore we made the decision to discontinue direct sale of this product.

I-Cubed has maintained a deep history of developing CAD integrations through the Unified Work Group Manager (UWGM) framework for PTC and will continue to provide this type of development as a service offering. However, to maintain a continuous product development lifecycle would require an appropriate demand that has not reflected in the marketplace.

We appreciate your understanding of this difficult product development decision and welcome any questions you may have. For those customers considering translation to another CAD application, supported by the Windchill Compatibility Matrix, I-Cubed is willing to provide support to accomplish your needs during this transition.

After this response, I asked to develop a connector for PDMLink 10.1

the respose is

As of right now due to the current demand we have closed this window. I know in previous conversation when discussing how many users is necessary to look into developing for Solid Edge and the number was between 150-200 seats. If this is an urgent need and something you would like I-Cubed to look into, let me know and I can set up a call to discuss this further.

As Windchill developers we were asked to look at implementing this for a project that is now on hold until the end of this year. We looked closely at it and believed it to be feasible and provided some estimates, however there is a difference in making a generic product that satisfies most user requirements and making a solution for a single client.

Just came across this conversation today and wanted to provide an update.

Due to an increase in demonstrated need throughout the market, I-Cubed has updated, is offering and actively supporting Solid Edge to Windchill via our "CADi" application.

The current CADi release supports Windchill 10.1 M040 integration for Solid Edge ST5 & ST6. Should demand or specific client need require support for other Windchill or Solid Edge versions, this is something we may be able to provide as well.

If you have interest in learning more, check out or contact me directly.

- E.B.

Edward "E.B." Batten


Thanks for the update E.B.!


I tested the SolidEdge connector (CADi) for PDMLink 10.1 M040, the I-CUBED solution.

The connector works great. And I have the cad worker for the publication with SolidEdge, you can open SolidEdge assembly with Creo View.

I'm waiting for the update PDMLink 10.2 M020.

The connector works with SolidEdge 5 and 6 for 7 no information



Thanks for providing some background on your experience with our CADi tool with the group.

10.2 M020 and ST7 support has just been released this month.

PS - Since my last post on this subject, I-Cubed has been acquired by global Engineering IT consulting/services company, KPIT, to serve as their flagship EPLM (Extended PLM) consulting and services provider, hence the website domain change from "I-Cubed" to "KPIT." The new EPLM homepage is

Edward, Please call me. 914-235-3528. I tried calling your office but no one answered.