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Specifying a Commonspace directory Path


Specifying a Commonspace directory Path

We are storing our formats in commonspace and would like to store several other standard files here also. I am trying to set the search path for the formats but I'm not having much luck. I tried the following syntax suggested by another user a while back but it isn't working (pc170002 is the machine hosting the vault):

pro_format_dir ilcs://pc170002/Root Folder/Library/Formats

We are working on all Windows 2K platforms including the vault machine. Any help is really appreciated.

Dwayne Quatier
Product Development Engineer
GE Healthcare
GE Parallel Design

RE: Specifying a Commonspace directory Path


There is a bug (see SPR below) in which clicking on the format pulls it into
Workspace but not into the Pro/E session and gives the error "...format does
not exist in the database". Is this the problem you have? The workaround is
to open the format from workspace in proe after recieving the error to get
it into session, and then add it to your drawing.

Mike Foster
Able Engineering

SPR 1049785 Details
Severity Medium severity
Status Open
Module Pro/E - Pro/I Interaction
Affected platforms All
Date opened 2003-09-25 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Last update date 2004-08-25
Date closed Not available
Resolution Not available
SPR respond by date Not available
Commit build Not available
Reported Release 3.3
Datecode Not available
Resolved Release Not available
Datecode Not available
Description When pro_format_dir is set to the commonspace attempting to add
a format to a drawing fails when selecting #File #Page Setup in Pro/ENGINEER
after creating a new drawing.

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